Program Goals

Program Goals

Kinderplatz uses an active child-centered program with play as the primary vehicle for learning. Kindergarten readiness preparations are incorporated into daily learning experience plans in preschool. Pre-K teachers collaborate with area schools to meet the readiness recommendations for children who will attend Kindergarten.

Process-oriented activities are encouraged in every aspect of the curriculum. Special emphasis is placed on art, and all efforts are valued. By providing an environment rich in choice and variety, we enable each child to seek out experiences relevant to his or her stage of development.

Our goals for each child include growth in social-emotional, communication, cognitive, and physical areas of development:

  • Provide a warm, secure and comfortable environment;
  • Respect his or her family’s beliefs;
  • Provide a learning environment designed to enhance development in all areas;
  • Encourage high self-esteem, independence and self-control;
  • Encourage curiosity and responsibility;
  • Allow for autonomy and privacy;
  • Understand immediate goals (recognizing that every action has a purpose); and 
  • Support parents by providing daily information and responding to questions, concerns and desires.