Our Approach

Welcome to Kinderplatz

Kinderplatz provides an environment for creative and productive learning, living and thinking. Our philosophy is based on the principles of Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs:

Have fun together, and thereby develop a relationship based on mutual respect, love and affection, mutual confidence and truth, and feeling of belonging. Playing together, working together, sharing interesting and exciting experiences lead to the kind of closeness that is essential for cooperation.

A professional staff implements creative and fun small group activities that are designed to encourage curiosity and high self-esteem.

The program strives to meet each child's unique developmental needs and is designed for children with diverse backgrounds. We place particular emphasis on the introduction and celebration of world cultures as a way to prepare the children to live in our interconnected global environment. The activities of our program also focus on helping children resist bias and learn social competence skills.

For this reason, Kinderplatz focuses much of its energy and resources on regular Center-wide cultural enrichment displays, activities, and events to which all Center families are invited to participate and/or attend.

Kinderplatz is not affiliated with religious organizations; any child's beliefs will be honored and respected while in the care of the Center.