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Kinderroo Soccer Program

Kinderroo Instructional Soccer for children 3–10 yrs. of age:

Kinderroo soccer practices are held weekly during the summer months (usually on Wednesday mornings). Each summer’s practice dates will be announced on, or prior to, the first day of the Summer School-Age Program. Soccer practices may be rescheduled due to inclement weather or scheduled field trips, as needed.

Coach Stephon has developed a plan for the various Kinderroo levels, outlined below. The children are grouped into separate teams based on children’s ages and developmental readiness. Depending on enrollment, each classroom will have one to two teams.

Level 1: Starter Group Ages 3
Level 2: Kickers Ages 4
Level 3: Strikers Ages 5
Level 4: Gamers School-Age

About the Coach:

Stephon Mitson has played competitive youth soccer from age 8 to age 19. He won an adult National Tournament title and M.V.P. as a goalie in 1988. He has had a Coaches License since 1993, and has officiated over 5,000 games including the U.S.A. Cup, and State High School and College National games. In addition to his many other accomplishments, Coach Stephon is the President Elect for South East Soccer Club.

Coach Stephon has successfully coached our team Kinderroo since the summer of 2008. In past years, his U-17 team (STING) placed in the State District. In summers past, our very own Kinderroos had the pleasure of welcoming Coach Stephon’s team STING for a fun-filled afternoon of soccer at Kinderplatz. We hope to see team STING again this summer!

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