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Programs with Additional Fees

Field Trips

The weekly summer field trip schedule is available in May each Spring. Potty-trained preschoolers do go on a handful of field trips during the school year as well, and information about those outings will be available on a per-trip basis once planned.

Our adventures take us to popular local destinations for apple- and pumpkin-picking, roller skating and bowling, history hunts, hiking and picnics, children’s plays, visits with zoo animals, swimming, ball games and much more.

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kinderroo Soccer

Children between the ages of 2½ and 10 have the opportunity to enroll in our in-house soccer program during the summer months. Kinderroo players are grouped in separate teams based on their ages and developmental readiness: the “Starter Group,” “Kickers,” “Strikers,” and “Gamers.” The soccer sessions are implemented by our professional coach, who has successfully coached Team Kinderroo since 2008. Coach Stephon has had a Coaches License since 1993, and looks forward to returning each summer. Besides planned soccer lessons, additional soccer events are often planned (at no additional cost) by Stephon to further enhance their Kinderroo experience.

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Tutoring/Literacy Support/Homework Assistance

The well-educated staff at Kinderplatz is available for specialized tutoring, literacy support, and homework assistance, per special arrangement through the Center’s office for an additional fee. Your child will receive a 45-minute one-on-one session in reading, math skills, and/or Spanish language with a professional member of the Kinderplatz teaching staff. Once the child’s particular needs are discussed and understood by scheduling staff, administration pairs the child up with a teacher that is best suited to meet those needs. This teacher gains a more thorough understanding of the child and family, the specific curriculum used by the child’s school of attendance (when applicable), and tailor a program to help the child succeed.

The base rate for this service is $35 per 45 minute session, but may be adapted to each individual situation, depending on the amount of time, materials, and education needed to successfully aid each child.

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