Kinderplatz Childcare & Education Center

Summer School-Age Program

Every summer, an experienced team of teachers and assistants plans and implements a wide variety of activities aimed at maintaining the children’s prior knowledge throughout the summer. So, when they return to school in the fall, they will be ready to jump right back in and continue where they left off in the Spring.


The summer curriculum includes educational elements, and many that are just for fun, such as: creative and environmentally-based learning experiences, pre-reading and independent reading activities, math exercises and science projects, and informal Spanish lessons. The school-age children participate in the Center’s on-going cultural enrichment activities, as well. The program includes numerous field trips, in-house experiences brought in from the community, fun physical games and activities, and regular educational projects to keep their minds and bodies working throughout the summer.


Kinderplatz summer program teachers have educational and experiential background both in Early Childhood Development and Education. Our Spanish teacher(s) implement informal language lessons and cultural enrichment opportunities, and our licensed soccer coach has successfully coached Team Kinderroo since 2008 and looks forward to returning each summer.

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